Main Functions

  1. Provide necessary statistics to Government for the formulation of plan and policy.
  2. Collection, processing and analysis of data related to the socio-economic sector.
  3. Develop definitions and scientific methodologies for reliable data collection and implementation.
  4. Coordinate various data collection agencies and avoid duplications of efforts to generate the same statistics and develop consolidated statistical system.
  5. Investigation of various statistical sectors for the need of the Government and produce these statistics.
  6. Protection of statistical records.
  7. Investigation of new technologies in order to make more scientific, reliable and useful data collection, processing and analysis method.
  8. Coordinate with various agencies by maintaining consistency and uniformity for quality of national level statistics.
  9. Organize training, seminar and workshop on statistical fields at national and international level.
  10. Play advisory role to control and coordinate various statistical activities.
  11. Develop basic statistical manpower.
  12. Develop and implement the system to provide regular and reliable statistics through Branch Statistics Offices.